Photographic Calendar Competition 2025

Open to members of the Worcester & Malvern RSPB Local Group only – If you arent already a member and you would like to join, click here.

We are running a Photographic Calendar Competition that will culminate in the production of a Calendar for 2025. Here’s the timeline:

•  We will welcome your submissions during the first half of 2024 (1 January–30 June);
•  Judging will take place during July 2024;
•  The Calendar will be printed during August 2024;
•  The Calendar will be on sale from September–December 2024.

We anticipate selling the Calendar for a modest amount (£7–£8), with all profits going to fund our Local Group conservation projects.

Photographic Guidance

The theme of our 2025 Group Calendar is ‘Wildlife for Four Seasons’. Photographers with a range of experience from novice to expert are encouraged to submit images. You don’t need an expensive camera and a huge lens to take part, some great shots can be taken on compact cameras or smart phones, especially if you have a macro facility and your subject is an eye-catching minibeast. Technical know-how only needs to be sufficient not to detract from your picture. Sharp images of attractive subjects doing something interesting are what we’re after. If there is a clue in your photo to confirm the season in which it was taken that would be even better. Whilst recognising that the habitat setting may be important in some cases, it is generally best if your subject occupies a significant proportion of the shot. Calendars are usually hung on walls and viewed from a distance, so your photos need to look good and be seen clearly at that distance; colour is your friend in this context.

Any British plant or animal species is fair game – so there are plenty of subjects that can’t run or fly away! Please note that we will not accept photos of captive or farmed animals, nor garden or agricultural plants. All photos must be taken in the UK by the Group Member. Upon submission you will be asked to identify your species (including a scientific name), name the season it represents and give the location where your photo was taken. You may also include a short descriptive or anecdotal sentence we can print in the calendar.

Members are invited to submit up to four photos in LANDSCAPE orientation, one for each season; a maximum of two photos by any contributor will be chosen for the Calendar. Please note: portrait or square format photos cannot be accepted as they will not fit the calendar! Please don’t send in photos that have been submitted for publication elsewhere.

Photos need to be in JPEG or PNG format and should be submitted to the Administrator by email ( ) to provide anonymity. Full terms and conditions of entry are now available below – please read them carefully to ensure compliance.

I look forward to receiving your submissions early next year; in the meantime, if you wish to clarify anything about the competition or submission please get in touch with me at or on 07478 744487.

Janet Jones, Administrator