This year our RSPB group decided to take part in Worcester Cathedral Christmas Tree Annual Exhibition; but what kind of tree should we do was the question!

A suggestion came from one of our members to build a tree out of bird boxes and so the idea was born.

Two talented RSPB craftsmen built Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, Robin, Blue Tit, and Tree Creeper Boxes and painted them green.

We invited Stanley Road Primary School Worcester to join us by making the decorations and this they embraced with a 100% effort. The whole school made Red, Amber and Green Listed paper birds. They made so many that the extra ones were used to decorate their school hall for Christmas.

What an amazing way to get children involved in birds and nature, we couldn’t have asked for more.

Our tree looked magnificent we thought and 62,000 people visited the cathedral to see the trees, what a fantastic opportunity to let people from Worcester and afar learn about the work our RSPB group does and birds.

We gave out 600 leaflets in a month!

Now our tree is down and plans are afoot for next year already!

Rosemary Henman Schools Project Co-Ordinator.

Craftsmen Mike Hails and Roger Mason.