Midweek Walk in Wishmoor Bottom, 27th March 2024

21 of us met at the top of King’s Ride in Camberley, with the weather forecast to be dry until late morning, but quite windy. Unfortunately, the wind put the birds and birdsong down, but we did find a smart male Stonechat on the way out. Then we headed for an area where Woodlarks had been seen, and luckily a Woodlark waited for us to arrive, and then performed his song flight, circling around high above us producing his lovely cadences, with his short tail and broad wings making him look like a fluttering bat.

We then walked up into the Berkshire side but found no more Woodlarks, and in the strong breeze the Dartford Warblers did not show. However, some of us were lucky enough to spot a pair of Crossbills perched on top of a pine, with the brick red male showing well, before they flew off. By then the weather was deteriorating, and we got some close views of a pair of Jays, just as a downpour started on our way back to the cars.

Patrick Crowley