Saturday June 18

Today turned out to be a special day. The morning walk had the usual blackcap, chiffchaff and willow warbler singing, along with the resident singers, song thrush, wren, goldfinch and dunnock. In the afternoon I happened to glance at the feeders in the back and noticed we had two new visitors, siskins, a first as far as I can recollect.

Siskin male at Arbour Lane Standish
Siskin male at Arbour Lane Standish
Siskins at Arbour Lane Standish
Siskin male and female on feeders, Arbour Lane Standish

That would have been enough to make it a special day, but later in the evening while watching a film on TV, looking out of the window to the back, we saw an owl perched on top of a tall tree stump in the garden. It would be around 09:30 pm or maybe later and we watched as it listened for prey and then dropped behind a bush to presumably try and catch something. From the shape of the bird, I guess it was a tawny owl, as I know there are some locally.