Attention Thanet RSPB Members !

Our leader, Brian Short, is standing down at the next AGM on 13th May 2024.  This is after ten years of sterling service to the Thanet RSPB Members Group which has seen growth in membership, with a consequent growth in revenue and donations to the RSPB.  Members have enjoyed a full program of indoor meetings, outdoor events, and trips further afield as well as a series of bird recognition events for those new to bird watching.

The RSPB  volunteer-led groups are the face and voice of the RSPB in the community – groups of volunteers working together to really make a difference for nature where it counts.

All RSPB Local Members Groups are run by a ‘management committee’ of registered RSPB volunteers. The group’s management committee must consist of at least three members: • Two of these should include: a group Administrator/Secretary and a Finance Officer/Treasurer (most groups need a bank account to pay speakers, hall hire, etc ). A treasurer is appointed for a maximum of five years, after which he/she must seek re-election and ratification. This also applies to the Group Leader.

Our Group has a worthy management committee but is seeking to elect a new Group Leader who would chair committee meetings, welcome and introduce speakers, and be a main contact for members of the public wishing to engage with the group. A detailed knowledge of birds is not required because there is an abundance within the membership and committee. The RSPB Contact at Regional Office will then contact the candidate in order to arrange an informal interview and organise the relevant paperwork, which includes the candidate providing two character referees.

The Committee invites candidates to submit their details via the Contact Us button on the Group’s website, here is the link   About us – Thanet Local Group (