Unlocking New Horizons – exploring islands and Seabirds of Britain by Rebecca Douglas.

A meeting at St Peters Church Hall at 7.30pm on the 11th March 2024.

I’ve been working as a photographer since 2010 creating documentary, lifestyle, landscape and wildlife images. I’ve worked in people facing roles for over two decades, have a degree in Geography, a Cert Ed, Masters study in Marine Protected Areas and volunteer with BDMLR as a Marine Mammal Medic, all of which has developed how I see connections in life on our planet. 

My work predominantly focuses on creating radically authentic lifestyle and branding images for visionaries, changemakers and conscious brands, who all have one thread that resonates, that they want to use their businesses as a force for good in the world. 

My life’s work is dedicated to capturing visual stories immersed in nature around our shores. A quest that illuminates both the beauty of it all and the heartbreaking negative impacts humans have on the ecosystem of which we are part. 

I believe that we are part of nature and for many this has been forgotten in the modern world in the pursuit of more, faster, bigger, better and this has led us to this place of climate emergency. 

But I hold on to hope and know one thing to be true, that the antithesis of this is to come home to nature and there we find a place that fills us with the most grounded sense of awe, wild wisdom and enoughness. 

When we rewild our soul and our connection to nature, as part of nature, then an untamable shift happens, it disrupts the acceptance of the harmful mainstream narrative in society and emboldens people to keep the protection of our planet at the heart of all that they do. 

Islands remind us of boundaries, ones we hold within ourselves and the liminal boundary between land and sea. For much of my life, journeying on the sea to our remote islands was a boundary I was unable to cross, until something profound changed my life in 2022. 

For the first time, I was able to cross a boundary that had kept me landlocked, something I thought would never be possible. With new horizons unlocked, I’ve travelled to Isle of Mull, Isle of Skye, The Outer Hebrides, St Kilda, Skomer Island, Grassholm, Cardigan Island, Isle of May, Bass Rock, Isle of Arran, Isle of Cumbrae & I’ve soaked in Bempton Cliffs from the sea. 

This talk will take us on a journey of discovery, exploring some of our most remote and important bird colonies in the UK, as well as some of our islands close to home. I’ll share stories as we adventure through photos and videos of the unique encounters with our seabirds, their islands and the ecosystem which they are part of.