Local Nature Photography (on the Hoof!) by John Draper

A meeting at St Peters Church Hall at 7.30pm on the 8th April 2024

John is a member of our local Thanet RSPB branch and is also an active member of the Isle of Thanet Photographic Society. John has a passion for walking and while doing so, observing and photographing the landscape and nature. He regularly enters his photos in competitions and also uses his photography to submit wildlife sightings. All the photos that he will share are taken from public paths and hides, mostly within a radius of less than 1 mile from home.

In this talk John will share some of the feedback obtained from entering competitions and how it has helped improve his photography. He will discuss how he has taken some of the photos and what he now thinks about when taking photographs and how it depends on the subject and lighting conditions. Although the talk does talk about some technical aspects it is really aimed at sharing John’s love of local nature. The first half of the talk focuses on bird photography and the second half will move onto woodlands, flowers, invertebrates, and a few mammals.