Larkey Valley Woods are a 44-hectare Ancient Woodland, given to the City of Canterbury on the understanding that access to the public would be maintained. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is woodland which is managed in a sustainable fashion and winter coppicing takes place in rotation.

It is accessed via a small car park in Cockering Road, TR125552.  There are 3 way-marked routes and several other paths which are sometimes uneven or muddy after wet weather.

The area has diverse soils, and a rich flora, including orchids such as the early purple, the lady orchid and the bird’s nest orchid. Other flowers such as toothwort and yellow archangel occur. It suffered badly after the Great Storm of 1987; however, this helped the ground flora by opening areas.

The woodland has a healthy population of dormice.

Birds that can be seen here include greater and lesser spotted woodpecker, nuthatch, treecreeper, warblers, finches, and titmice.  In winter hawfinches sometimes arrive to feed on ash keys.

Best time to visit:
March to May for the woodland flora.


Postcode: CT4 7PH

Latitude / Longitude: 51.260973968466, 1.0440687539673


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