The Isle of Sheppey has several other sites of interest if you don’t want to spend your entire day at Elmley NNR.

Funton Creek is accessed via a first exit from the roundabout on the mainland side of the Kingsferry Bridge.

It is at its best in winter and provides some shelter and succour to many wildfowl and wading birds. It is possible to find large wintering flocks of avocet, there will be oystercatchers, grey plovers, sanderling, dunlin, godwits, and red knot.

There may be marsh or hen harriers, and short-eared or barn owls quartering the adjacent saltmarsh.

Peregrine falcon may test the wader and wildfowl in rapid and sometime successful stoops.

Whilst merlin may dash into flocks of larks or meadow pipits; or you may glimpse one pursuing thrushes in the adjacent orchards.

A rising tide may bring in a red-breasted merganser, grebes, or a diver.

You will want to go on to visit one or more of the birding sites on the Isle of Sheppey, such as Elmley NNR  or Capel Fleet NR




Best time to visit:
October to February.


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Latitude / Longitude: 51.382782881244, 0.708262289505

Things to do or see

Perhaps check the site at various times on the day you visit.

Use your telescope for foraging waders and wildfowl

Scan for harriers and short-eared owls quartering the saltmarsh

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