All change At Our Website

If you’ve got to read this then you have found our new website. Earlier in the year all the Local Group Websites were removed and replaced by new websites. Apparently the new websites are easier to build and allowing more flexibility of content. I whisper this but I think they are right.

What the change has meant is that all of the old content has gone for ever. This is not a bad thing as a lot of our content was very old and there was a huge gap due to Covid related inactivity. It is basically a good move and gives us a chance to build back better ( who said that !!)

Please have a look around

I have been busy rebuilding the site. The content is essentially correct but may not as complete in detail as I would like. I deliberately cut down on detail to be able to generate enough entries to allow the website to function as intended. The News and Blogs section has at least four entries in each as a result.

Please take some time to look around the website. Please bear in mind that it’s work in progress. I aim to have it full operation late in August. All feedback welcome

Peter Allen

Group Leader