Big Garden Birdwatch – 29 January


Woodbank Park, Offerton

The morning was dull but dry after light rain had fallen most of the previous day.

Twenty adults and three children gathered at the Park Lane gates of Woodbank Park. We split into three groups for the walk. The route followed the main path towards Woodbank Hall, stopping to look at what was about in the large pond and the surrounding area. Back on the path, looking towards the orchard and then the green leading up to the running track. Around the back of the Hall and along the edge of the upper level where the Goyt River could be viewed, walking towards Vernon Park and the café.

One group took a path leading past the children’s playground and the fishing pond towards the main gates and Vernon Hall. They were lucky enough to be able to watch a pair of Treecreepers feeding in front of them at very close range, giving excellent views enjoyed by all.

The group gathered at the café to co-ordinate sightings.

Birds seen

Blackbird (3), Black-headed Gull (2), Carrion Crow (4), Dunnock (2), Goldcrest (2), Goldfinch (1), Robin (1), Goosander (3), Greenfinch (3), Magpie (9), Mallard (43), Moorhen (3), Nuthatch (1), Blue Tit (4), Wren (1), Ring-necked Parakeet(5), Song Thrush (1), Coal Tit (1), Great Tit (3), Long-tailed Tit ( 2), Treecreeper (2), Woodpigeon (7),

Mammals seen:

Rat (2), Squirrel (2)