The park is popular and can be very busy, but there is usually a good range of water birds on the brook and the pools, including Little Grebe and Mandarin Duck, Great Spotted Woodpeckers live in the woodland areas, as well as commoner woodland birds, including finches and tits, as well as migrants in summer.

Kingfishers and Grey Wagtails live on the Micker Brook, although these are easier to find if you walk downstream towards Seven Arches and Ladybridge Road (Be warned! – this path can be very muddy).

There is a heronry with a couple of nests in that area, too, on the other side of the brook from the path, and you can usually see Fieldfares and Redwings in the trees there in winter, as well as the occasional Buzzard or Sparrowhawk.

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Latitude / Longitude: 53.3834946, -2.1633789

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