Willington Dovecote

Trip report for visit to Willington Dovecote on 23rd of February.

Eight members turned up on a miserable drizzly morning although the weather did eventually clear an hour and a half later than forecast. We did however have an enjoyable walk and saw (or heard) 44 species.

Only eight species of wildfowl were managed in the gloom along with the two common grebe species and a small flock of Cormorants. Little and Great White Egrets were a pleasure as well as three Herons. The only raptors were Red Kite and Buzzard, And Oystercatcher the sole wader. Amongst the gulls were good numbers of Commons and the Pigeons included an unusual flock of over thirty Stock Doves. There were also three Green Woodpeckers.

The passerine stars were twenty plus Redwings, a large mixed Tit flock, and several Greenfinch.