Paxton Pits and Stirtloe

Trip report for visit to Paxton Pits and Stirtloe on Thursday 25th of May.

An improved twelve of us turned up at Paxton Pits with a heavy sky threatening rain. Fortunately the clouds cleared rapidly and the rest of the day was lovely. We were soon watching three ravens circling high in the sky. There were very few birds on the water, and a lot of the passerines were heard rather than seen, but it was fun looking for them. This also applied to Cuckoo and  Kingfisher which were eventually seen by a few of us. Despite the lack of birds, tea time arrived very quickly

Five of us then moved on to Stirtloe where we were joined by two others. The walk in as always featured a lot of bird song and this time Garden and Sedge Warblers were seen along with Reed Bunting and a quartering Marsh Harrier. Three Nightingales were heard but despite a lot of searching remained hidden. They sounded great though.

I was surprised that we eventually saw or heard 49 species, on to very enjoyable walks.