Salisbury Peregrines Date with Nature – the end of Week 3

Saturday saw a real change in the weather. Grey cloud hid the clear blue sky we had become accustomed to and there was a blustering, swirling wind with a chill edge that belonged in November and not late June.

Perhaps because of this, perhaps because the juveniles are gaining more strength and independence, it was a quieter day compared to earlier in the week although there was still plenty to see.

Juveniles perched on parapets, birds flew circuits round the tower and we saw two birds arrive with prey, one prey item with long dangling legs – perhaps a moorhen or coot. The first was taken straight over the parapet but the second was passed, low over the cloisters, to a juvenile. Sadly this bird, after a pause on a finial, went behind the parapet too. Perhaps in both cases to avoid the wind. Best view of the day was an adult close to the steel struts who stayed in full height pose for a good while, even being lit by a brief burst of sunlight.

What was not quieter was the interest of the people. All ages, all nationalities, all with an enthusiasm and a delight, an understanding and a curiosity that seems to us more marked and more universal than in previous years. The natural world has become real and vivid to so many through social media and television and become of value to their lives. That is very encouraging. It is a privilege to have a chance to help, in the smallest of ways perhaps, in swelling the tide of that momentum.

Mike and Phil

There was still plenty to see at the end of week 3