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Saving SWIFTS in South East Herts

Following the success of the David Attenborough’s ‘Wild Isles’ series earlier this year, Aviva, in partnership with the WWF and the RSPB, is making £1 million pounds available to support community wildlife projects. Aviva will ‘double match’ donations made , so for every £1 donated £2 will be added to it.
The Committee decided this to create a Crowdfunding project which we would appreciate you supporting. We are hoping to raise £5,000 which will enable us to purchase 100 Swift nest boxes, Callers to attract the birds and to pay the cost of the boxes being erected. We will be working together with the Hertford Swift Group who have a lot of experience in this field and have identified two sites in Hertford and one in Ware to locate the boxes
The number of Swifts visiting the UK each summer has declined by more than half in the last 30 years. One reason for this decline is that many of their traditional nest sites, in gaps and crevices under tiles and in the eaves of houses, are being lost when buildings are improved. Modern buildings are built to be airtight and keep birds out from the start. Therefore Swift boxes provide a great opportunity to support the expansion of our breeding Swifts. 
We hope you will support us with this venture and also spread the word to your friends and any organisations you are associated with. 
The crowdfunding page can be accessed from the following link.
Thanks for supporting us


Common swift Apus apus, group in flight, Cambridgeshire, July

Please support our fundraiser for SWIFTS

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Mike Illet

Indoor Meeting - Tuesday 28th November

Join us for a Presentation by Mike Illet ‘The Birds of Hertfordshire 10 years on’

Mike has been birding in Hertfordshire for over 45 years being born in Hertford. He has been a member of the Herts Bird Club committee for about 25 years, was county recorder for five years and currently the Chairman of the Herts Rare Bird Panel. A keen county birder, and particularly interested in the rarer species.

Mike used his knowledge and experience of rare birds in Hertfordshire as a joint author of the Birds of Hertfordshire, published in 2015 and covering the birds recorded in the county up until 2013. The talk “Birds of Hertfordshire – 10 years on” is a review of the changes in the avifauna we have seen over the last 10 years from changes in Breeding & wintering species and the rare birds that have occurred.”

The venue is

The United Reformed Church Hall, Mill Lane, Broxbourne, EN10 7BG.  Accessible. Parking in the URC car park and in Mill Lane.

Admission £4 for RSPB Members, £5 for non members




Black-mandibled toucan - Ruth

Indoor Meeting - Tuesday 19th December

Join us for a Presentation by Kathleen Lord & Ruth Shinebaum – “The Birds of Costa Rica”

Start the festive celebrations in style with our fantastic Christmas Social Event. This features a wonderful presentation by two of our own group members. KathleenLord & Ruth Shinebaum will show you some of the amazing birds and wildlife of Costa Rica, from their recent trips.

There will also be a “bring and share supper” to complete the evening.


The United Reformed Church Hall, Mill Lane, Broxbourne, EN10 7BG.

Accessible parking in the URC car park and in Mill Lane.

For more information, visit https://group.rspb.org.uk/SouthEastHertfordshire Facebook – RSPB SE Herts Local Group

Entry £5.00. RSPB Members £4.00