Get involved

There are several ways to get involved in the Local Group’s support for the work of the RSPB in the local area and elsewhere:

Attend the Local Group Indoor Meetings (currently suspended due to Covid19).

Buy a ticket in the Local Group’s monthly 100 Club draw. See our 100 Club page

Contact the RSPB South East Essex Local Group. See our contact page

Follow us on our Facebook page

Join the South East Essex Local Group. Visit our Membership page

Organise a talk for your group or club. See our Presentations page.

Send the Local Group your latest wildlife sightings.  Visit our Latest Sightings page

Single ladies read the ILB Newsletters. See our Independent Lady Birders page

Volunteer to help the RSPB South East Essex Local Group See our contact page

Walk with the Local Group in local wildlife places.  See our Calendar of Events page

Zoom into the Local Group Zoom Meeting.  See our Local Group Zoom Meeting page

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