Talk by John Ginnever ‘Wildlife in Panama’ on October 12th 2023

John Ginnever replaced the planned speaker who was suffering from covid. He gave a well illustrated talk about the wonderful wildlife in Panama. We also learned some of the history of the Panama Canal. The biodiversity in that area is amazing.

Bay Breasted Tanager

Keel-billed Toucan

Crimson Crested Woodpecker and Mealy Parrot

Colourful birds seen in the rainforest included Keel billed Toucans, Red Crowned Woodpeckers, Blue Headed Parrots and Turquoise-browed Mot-Mots

Scarlet Tanager and Blue-gray Tanagers

Collared Aracari and Red-capped Manakin

Blue-chested Hummingbirds were easy to see when they came to feeders

Collared Trogon, very slightly different from an Orange-bellied Trogon

One species of Trogon used to go by the wonderful name ‘Violacious Trogon’

Despite all the brightly coloured birds the Panamanian national bird is a Clay Coloured Thrush!

Insects including Butterflies, Moths and Stick insects, even Praying Mantis camouflaged to look like a dead leaf, can be seen.

John had seen Snakes, including a boa constricting a Heron, a wide variety of Lizards and Frogs from tiny red ones to huge brown ones

John showed video clips of mammals such as White-nosed Coati, and a Three-toed Sloth scratching its face while resting in the fork of a tree.

Here a Three toed Sloth with her baby watches the photographer.

This Harpy Eagle in a cramped aviary was the only one he saw, as they are now so rare.

The diversity of wildlife in Panama shows how important the rainforest is and why it should be protected.