Zoom Talk Birds of Falsterbo

A talk by Stephen Menzie

Tuesday 25th October

One of the wonders of Zoom is that we can have speakers who are not able to come and give a talk in person, in this case Stephen gave the talk from his home in Malmo in south-western Sweden which is just north of Falsterbo.

He took us on a journey round the Falsterbo area and its history as a bird observatory. The most iconic picture of Falsterbo is of its lighthouse which is now some distance in land due to the build of the shore in front of it.

Stephen then went through a year at Falsterbo and the birds that are found there or more likely are just passing through. Falsterbo is now a well known spot for watching bird migration and Stephen recommended that if anyone who has not seen visible bird migration then they should definitely consider a visit. He recommened the last week of September or the first week of October as the best time for sheer numbers passing through.

Interestingly Falsterbo is not the nearest point to Denmark which is where most birds are heading in Autumn, there is a much shorter crossing further north at Helsingborg. But he said that most birds passing Falsterbo are young birds and they seem to not want to cross the water, so head south along the coast until they reach Falsterbo when they have no choice but to cross the water to go further south or west. Thus Falsterbo is very busy with birds in Autumn passage but not that busy in Spring when most birds will cross into Sweden further north at Helsingborg.

Though many uncommon birds do pass through it is not known as a place of great rarities.

It was a very interesting talk and Stephen had many great pictures and a few short videos that gave some idea of what it must be like in Autumn when there with hundreds of birds passing through.