Trip to Hosehill Lake

Tuesday 18th October 2022.

Ten members of the group met at the Sheffield Bottom Lock car park in thick fog for a walk along the canal and round Hosehill Lake.

In the thick fog it was difficult to see any birds but we could hear some in the bushes and trees, a few blue tits and chiffchaffs were close enough we could see them. Luckily the fog burnt off and it turned into a lovely sunny day, so we could then see birds on the lakes, before we could just see the odd duck like shape in the fog.

We saw good numbers of wigeon, Canada geese and gadwall on the lakes and Hosehill held numbers of shoveler and mallard. Oddly we saw just one pochard and 3 tufted ducks on Hosehill which normally holds good numbers of both. Hosehill held quite a few grey herons and little egrets scattered about the lake edge.

A fox was at the water edge in the reeds which seemed very happy just sitting in the sun watching the birds that were all out of reach.

We had a good morning and I recorded 41 species heard or seen.