Farmoor Reservoir lies in an old river channel that once cut the gap leading east towards Botley and Oxford city centre, five miles away. The four-mile walk around the reservoir offers views of the water, woodland paths, riverside meadows and nature reserves. The site is owned by Thames Water and is one of the top birdwatching venues in Oxfordshire. The combination of open reservoir, woodland, award-winning wetlands and meadows attracts a great variety of birds.

In autumn, the site is ideally situated to draw in migrating and wintering birds. Among the attractions is the large gull roost that builds from late July. But it is the unpredictability of what may arrive on migration that makes Farmoor such an interesting place to visit at this time of year.

There has been a long-standing collaboration between Thames Water, The Environment Agency and Pond Conservation to create wetland wildlife habitats close by the River Thames at Farmoor Reservoir. Over the period from 1990 to 2003 this led to the creation of three nature reserves: Pinkhill Meadow, Shrike Meadow, and Buckthorn Meadow. Both Pinkhill and Shrike Meadows have observation hides and Pinkhill has a feeding station provisioned throughout the winter.

Access to the reservoir and the reserves is from the B4044 Oxford to Eynsham Road.


Postcode: OX2 9NS

Latitude / Longitude: 51.7562227, -1.3464096

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