Review of Tony Waller’s talk on the Little Terns at Gronant

Tony gave a very detailed talk about the breeding patterns and protection offered to the Little Terns at Gronant. These Little Terns, with a white forehead, black head , white under belly feathers yet grey feathers on top are the size of a blackbird. Unbelievably they fly from Senegal and arrive in North Wales in April . They like to breed on spits of sand and shingle and. They feed for a month flying up to 6 km to catch and feed on sprats. They then breed and lay their eggs in scrapes on the sand and shingle shore. They are generally a species in decline but due to the efforts of the staff and volunteers numbers are increasing in Gronant. The nest sites are protected with electric fences and an outer fenced area. Chicks shelters are put in the protected area. Nests are marked, birds are tagged and monitored. Only people with a licence are permitted to enter the breeding site. Tony gave statistics and demonstrated real in depth knowledge in his talk. Anybody who heard this talk would find themselves driving to Prestatyn to walk across the boardwalk to catch a glimpse of these birds on the raised sand and shingle beach.