Moor Green Lakes – 28/11/2023

A Nuthatch was seen in a large oak bordering the car park at Horseshoe Lake prior to our walk. Six Mute Swans and a selection of common wildfowl were on the water. Cormorant and Black-headed Gulls were also present. 

Following the northern path around the lake both Blackbird and Redwing were noticed eating holly berries. Wren and Dunnock too, were both seen close by. A Kestrel sitting on the top of a slim tree at the side of the path seemed pre-occupied. Staring at the grass verge, it eventually took flight as we slowly approached. A Jay was then spotted in the field and a Red Kite flew across offering good views.

From the hide at Grove Lake we added five Goosanders, a male and four red-heads. Nine Cormorants perched in trees on the large island and 10 Canada Geese and 12 Gadwall were on the water. 

Quite a while was spent attempting to see a Tawny Owl that was roosting in an ivy clad tree. Superbly camouflaged, white wing patches being all that aided identification until it opened its eyes and stared at admirers. 

Tawny Owl – Ben Andrew (

Two Goosanders, two Egyptian Geese, Shovelers and a Great Crested Grebe were seen from the hide on Colebrook Lake. Two female Pintail near Tern Island were a nice surprise, so too the Peregrine that flew low over the lake. The latter flew purposefully towards the island before gaining height and vanishing over the trees towards the New Workings. A group of 23 Lapwings arrived and two Little Grebes were seen on the water. Further over a Common Buzzard was noticed perched on the owl box.

A Green Sandpiper feeding in a shallow stream as we began checking the New Workings soon wandered off. Later, from the grey box at the side of the river towpath, we were able to check another pool. Here Grey Heron, Common Gull and Lesser-Black backed Gull were added. A Sparrowhawk in flight to the left was the last species added to the day’s list. However, the Green Sandpiper had reappeared by the time we walked past the previous viewpoint. Slightly longer views of this attractive wader was therefore possible before leaving the venue.