Guide to the New Website

Welcome to the new website. The RSPB have been developing, over recent months, a new website system that is intended to be more intuitive and modern-looking. North Bucks are one of 12 local groups that helped with this project. If you are used to the old website then you should be aware that not only does the new one look different, but it is organised differently, and in places uses new terminology.

Please take the time to browse around the site to become familiar with it. We hope you will find it an interesting and informative experience.

The most obvious difference is that we can now use photos and videos liberally – no longer just the one per page!

The navigation bar near the top has changed. It offers Home, News and Blogs, Local Wild Places, Get Involved, About Us and Search (the magnifying glass icon). There are no longer direct links to ‘Events’ or ‘Trip Reports’, nor is there a ‘Links’ item.


This is similar to how it was before. It is used for more static or longer-term content. Here you will find details of the coming month’s Illustrated Talk and Guided Walks and their booking, the Group Calendar, the Quiz night etc.

Booking a place for an event on a News page is now much simpler – just a click away.

The latest 4 News items are shown in a scrollable gallery (Left & Right arrow heads), but just click on the “See all news” button below this for the full list. Click on any item to see the full page. If the list is too long to easily see what you want, you can click on a Category, such as Illustrated Talks or Guided Walks, to get a more focused list.

Blogs (or Blog Posts)

This is where you will find Walk Reports and other short term content. In the same way as News, the 4 latest Blog posts are shown in a scrollable gallery (Left & Right arrow heads), but you can click on the “See all blogs” button below this for the full list. Again, click on any item to see the full page.

Local Wild Places

This used to be called ‘Places to see birds’ but may now include places to enjoy all wildlife.

About Us

This shows details of our local group and a ‘Contact Us’ button at the bottom. Clicking on that will take you to a form where you enter your name, email address, optional phone number, with an area for typing your message. When you click on ‘Send message’ an email will be sent to the group, and a committee member will respond.


You may enter any search term here and it will return a list of all published items containing that term,

Other Features

You will find photos used on most pages. These may be single ones or a slide show (manual or automatic). We can also include videos.

There are direct links to our Facebook and Instagram pages – just click on their respective icons at the top or bottom of content pages.

You will find many other links, to other pages or websites in various places eg Local Wild Places will have links to a location’s own website and a Google map. News of Guided walks will have links to the site’s own web page and a Google map.

Content on the website is generally displayed in chronological order by publishing date – shown under the heading on all pages.