Frampton Marsh Coach Trip

Frampton Marsh in Lincolnshire was the destination of the coach trip on Sunday 11th February. This
reserve boasts a variety of wetland habitats including lakes, wet grassland, reedbed and scrapes. The
weather could have been better for us but at least it stayed dry. It was a mostly grey day with very
stubborn clouds and occasional brightness. Stepping off the coach, the first bird we encountered
was the Lesser Yellowlegs. This rare vagrant from North America, has been on the reserve for several
months and has become quite a star. The bird was on a hump of a muddy bank, across a small
stretch of water and seemed totally oblivious to all the attention it was attracting. A Green-winged
Teal was also on the reserve but we were not lucky enough to spot it.

Throughout the day we spent a lot of the time underneath huge flocks of Lapwings, Brent Geese and Golden Plover. Wave upon wave of Brent Geese came in off the saltmarsh, calling all the time. Waders such as Ruff, Redshank and Curlew foraged on the grassy areas, searching for invertebrates. Skylarks called and sang. The metallic “ping” of Bearded Tits was heard in the reedbed and then a brief glimpse of a couple of individuals. We made use of the hides and it was fantastic to see the vast numbers of wetland birds using this reserve and to be present right in amongst them. We spotted over sixty species
throughout the day. Quite a few Brown Hares were also present. They didn’t appear to move very
much, being happy just to sit in a few groups and groom themselves occasionally.

After five hours spent walking around on the reserve, we decided it was time to visit the café to warm up with a hot drink and some yummy cake. We sat at a table next to the window overlooking a lake. By this time all the cloud, that had filled the sky for most of the day, had vanished and there was a beautiful blue
sky. The sunshine turned the reed bed a brilliant golden colour. While we were enjoying the view,
with Wigeons feeding on the grass just outside the window, a Marsh Harrier flew in, giving great
views as it flew above the reed bed, and two Scaup were spotted on the lake. It was a magical day
and we were sorry to leave, especially with all that lovely late sunshine!

Written by Alison Wrisdale