Free Guided Walk with Nature Report

Sunday 1 May at Sevenoaks Nature Reserve

Leader: Karen Snow

Seven members of the group turned out for the walk at Sevenoaks Nature Reserve today. This Kent Wildlife Trust Reserve is always a delight and with the path now open all the way round the lake it is very popular.  There is a parking charge, but it’s well worth it.

We set off round the trail and immediately some stopped to look over the lake whilst others stopped amongst the trees.  A variety of species were seen with the usual wildfowl and passerines.  Once we were all back together. We made our way along the path towards the first hide and one of our number heard something, so we stopped to look and it turned out to be a garden warbler.  This little bird looks similar to a chiffchaff and has a call similar to a blackcap and is easily overlooked.

Garden warbler by Ben Andrews (

We moved onto the hide where we saw, Canada and greylag geese, moorhen and coot, mallard, shoveler, shelduck, tufted, teal and gadwall, great-crested grebe, lapwing and ringed plover, pied wagtail, swallow and a variety of gulls.  As we sat there, a kingfisher chirped and flew past and a few minutes later made the return journey so we all got a glimpse.

We left the hide and made our way round to the next with robins, blackcaps, blackbirds, blue tits, great tits and wrens.  We heard a great-spotted woodpecker but didn’t see it although we did see a lovely jay and a couple of magpies.

The hide yielded nothing new and we quickly moved to the next where we could hear a sedge warbler.  We did eventually see it amongst the reeds.

Making our way round the new path, we had our second ring-necked parakeet flyover and house martins overhead.  A couple of buzzards were spotted high up.

After a quick lunch stop, we continued round and scanned the field adding jackdaw and crows.  Both greylag and Canada geese with goslings were seen.

At the Nature Trail Hide we added Egyptian goose but not a lot else, so carried on round to the heron nesting site where there were two youngsters still on the nest although almost fully grown.

The next lake had plenty of cormorants and a couple of great-crested grebes, but we didn’t see anything else and arrived back in the car park shortly after.

There were lots of small white butterflies a couple of peacocks and an orange tip, a few bluebells and forget me nots in bloom.

A lovely walk and despite the threat of rain we only felt a few spots.

Karen Snow