Sick, injured or baby birds

We sometimes receive enquiries from people who have found a sick or injured bird and want to help. The RSPB doesn’t provide a rescue service, but the RSPB website and the Help Wildlife website both provide advice about what to do, including links to organisations who can assist you.

Remember: if you find a baby bird which appears to be abandoned but isn’t injured, it’s best to leave it alone. This is normal behaviour and the parents are usually nearby.

Avian flu

Do not touch any sick or dead birds.

If you find one or more dead waterfowl (such as swans, ducks or geese), gulls, seabirds or birds of prey in the same place or five or more of any other species in the same place, please report them to Defra.

Read more information and updates about avian flu on the RSPB website.