Riverside Country Park – Field Trip

Four of us ventured out into the driving rain and it was qucikly decided this would be a short trip and we were already thinking about a brew in the cafe. The tide had only juts turned and was well out allowing the waders on show to move about the vast mudbanks. There were many redshanks and a large number of shellducks plus a few teal, wigeon and oyster catchers moving slowly looking for food before lunch was provided by the incoming tide. Inland blackbirds and song thrushes wer seen bathing thmeslves in the large pools of water that seemed to expand whilst the rain persisted. Avocets could be seen but were a long way out together with other waders that we were unable to identify. Our excuse was the binnoculers and cameras were slowly misting up. On our way back a curlew was seen and its grey plumage blended nicley aginst the mud and it was easy to lose sight of it. After one hour we headed to the promised cafe were it was warm and dry and enjoyed the drinks on hand.

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