Outdoor Meeting Report: Signs of Spring Treasure Hunt

Saturday 12th March 2022

Wildlife Explorers welcomed the ‘Signs of Spring’ at Tegg’s Nose Country Park at the weekend with a treasure hunt packed with nature and wildlife themed challenges.  A team of Wildlife Explorers pitted their wits against a team representing the cream of Wildlife Explorer Leaders. 

Leaders Susan and Tina, who had devised the fiendish challenges, also judged the efforts of both teams. Explorers impressed with not only identifying birds from their silhouettes but also by offering the correct latin names as part of their answers. Leaders, on the other hand, did impressive impressions of spring frogs. 

One challenge involved creating birds nests from natural materials and it was amazing to be serenaded by skylarks, high above us, whilst we gathered twigs and moss. 

Everyone had fun role playing our spring visitors the cuckoos by collecting hairy caterpillars  (sections of colourful pipecleaner) with their beaks (tweezers). 

The competition tested a wide variety of nature knowledge and included wildflower ID and a birdsong quiz.

 Both teams performed excellent mimes of the life cycle of the orange tip butterfly and guessed well with the Grey Heron True or False quiz. 

Perhaps not unexpectedly the Wildlife Explorer Team won by a significant points margin and shared in the final prize of chocolate treasure. Explorer Isaac was awarded a special prize for his excellent contribution as a sheepdog rounding up his ‘sheep’ team mates. 

Thank you to everyone who took part- – we all had lots of fun and learned lots about springtime wildlife.  

Leaders and parents were great sports and Wildlife Explorers were brilliant!