Outdoor Meeting Report: Big Garden Birdwatch

Saturday 29th January 2022

January weather is always very difficult to predict. The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch takes place annually on the last weekend of the month. In previous years our Big Garden Birdwatch meeting has experienced snow, ice, driving rain and bright winter sunshine. This year Saturday morning began reasonably bright but soon the skies darkened and the wind began to pick up – not ideal conditions for bird spotting but Wildlife Explorers are always up for a challenge!

After a short introduction  – a recap on the Top 10 garden birds revealed by the 2021 results, when over a million members of the public counted over 17 million birds  and a reminder of their calls  – we started the timer for exactly an hour.

Following all the survey protocols (no recording birds overhead and only recording the largest number of a species seen together at one time) we began our walk around the park looking and listening for birds. As usual there were lots of other interesting wildlife in evidence including fungi and the very first snowdrops.

Birdwatch timings worked incredibly well as soon after the binoculars the edge of Storm Malik arrived a little sooner than forecast, bringing strong winds and a spell of torrential rain.

A good list of 14 species was recorded despite the weather conditions. Thanks to everyone who supported our session – we hope you all enjoyed completing your Birdwatch at home too.

  • Blackbird                              3
  • Blue tit                                  2
  • Bullfinch                               1
  • Carrion crow                        4
  • Dunnock                              1
  • Goldcrest                            1
  • Great tit                               1
  • Grey wagtail                        1
  • Jackdaw                              4
  • Magpie                                5
  • Nuthatch                             1
  • Robin                                  1
  • Treecreeper                        1
  • Woodpigeon                       5