Swift Watch & Walk – July 3rd 7.30pm

Lagan Valley Hospital

Swifts are closely associated with our built heritage. When that heritage is demolished or destroyed, as in the case of our own hugely significant Hilden Mill, the natural heritage that it has supported for many decades is lost.

Repair and maintenance of built heritage is also a major threat to Swifts, but it can be carried out in a way that minimises the impact to nesting birds. Of course, Swifts can also nest in modern buildings where the opportunity exists, and these birds can likewise be protected and enjoyed … or evicted, sometimes illegally.

We know that Swifts still nest in the old Workhouse buildings at Lagan Valley Hospital, built in 1841, and this year we will celebrate Swift Awareness Week by spending an evening with the Swifts there.

The Future for Swifts

The future for our breeding Swift population looks bleak (read about the most recent nation-wide survey results here). By providing nest cavities in new buildings, we can at least give these birds, and other cavity-nesting species, the small spaces that they need to survive.
Six Swift Bricks, in place since 2021, have been included in the new LPCCC building at Lagan Valley. The event on July 3rd will include an optional short (0.5 mile) walk to view these, although we don’t think they have yet been occupied.

Event Details

  • Meet at the entrance to the new Lisburn Primary and Community Care Centre at 7.30pm – estimated end time 9.30pm
  • The event is free to attend. You do not have to be a member of the RSPB or the Lisburn Local Local Group. Children aged 16 and under are welcome if accompanied by an adult.
  • Please use the booking form here to reserve your place/s