Swift Awareness

Swift Declines

According to published results of the BTO’s Breeding Bird Survey, for every 100 Swifts present in the UK in 1994; there are now (2023) just 28*

That decline is only matched or exceeded by species that do not breed in Northern Ireland**

Our Common Swift has become increasingly uncommon, a red-list species (high conservation concern) in Ireland (BoCCI) and the UK, even making it onto the cover of the Birds of Conservation Concern 5 publication (BOCC5)

Are we powerless to halt the decline?

World Swift Day- June 7 2024

As World Swift Day comes to a close, we share part of Dr Jane Goodall’s message for this year:

…THERE IS HOPE because an increasing number of Swift lovers are dedicated to finding solutions to some of the birds’ problems…

Dr Jane Goodall – World Swift Day Patron

Watch the full message here,

watch our swifts,

and watch this page for details of the upcoming Swift Awareness Week, 29 June – 7 July

*British Trust for Ornithology Breeding Bird Survey Results: here

**but note that other targeted surveys give greater declines for species such as Curlew in Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland Lowland Breeding Wader Survey