Local Group Sale of Bird Food Discontinued

The Leicester Group has for many years purchased good quality bird food in bulk from a wholesaler and bagged it up for sale both to our members and to the general public. This has raised thousands of pounds for the RSPB over the years, but the wholesale cost has risen to the point where this is no longer a viable proposition.

We have therefore reluctantly concluded that we can no longer offer bird food for sale.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported our fund-raising efforts and our seed vendors for all their hard work, especially Peter Kightley who has been responsible for a large proportion of those sales. We would particularly like to thank our co-ordinator for the past 25 years, Janet Stevenson, who has recently stepped down after doing a truly magnificent job. Most of all we would like to thank everyone who has purchased bird food from us and helped us to raise so much money for conservation.

Thank you all.

Don’t forget that the RSPB Shop sells sustainably sourced bird food as well as a whole range of bird care and other goods.  The website can be found at: https://shopping.rspb.org.uk/