RSPB Kernow’s first newsletter

The Local Group have just released their first newsletter, to coincide with the 2024 membership renewal.

The first membership renewal call since the group went dormant in Autumn 2020 has been initiated. Given our exciting events calendar, we hope all of our members will consider continuing with the local group.

In tandem, the first RSPB newsletter since 2020 has graced the email addresses of our members. It’s full of group news, upcoming walks & talks, volunteering opportunities and tips for birdwatching in Cornwall. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and that it’s encouraged you to get out and about in our biodiverse county. If you have any comments, recommendations or ideas for future articles, don’t hesitate to get in touch: Our next newsletter will be released in Spring, and will give you all the information needed to make it a nature-bursting season.

If you didn’t receive a newsletter but are a member, drop us an email (we don’t have emails for many of our members so it would be good to keep you in the loop). Alternatively, if you would like to read the newsletter and join the group, again drop us a line. Especially if you are under 25, where you can get free membership. We’re always keen to grow and expand our membership base.

As always, more specific and up to date event information can be found on our blogs page ( or on our social media channels as below.

All the best and keep birding,

Ali Henderson

RSPB Kernow Group Leader