Ouse Washers or Wash-out.

Two car loads assembled for the long trip to Cambridgeshire, The weather forecasts had
deteriorated but we decided to have go. We’d also had our first sighting of the day – a
Little Egret on the edge of the large pond called Gadebridge Park.
The drive was ok until we turned off the M1. The heavens opened. The very heavy rain
persisted and looked like it would pass over our destination. I decided to call it off. It wasn’t
just that we might get wet, the parking area and the access lane are low-lying and I was
worried that we could get stranded or cars could be flooded.
So, that was that. Well, not quite.
We decided to reconvene at College Lake, where there’s a dry, waterproof hide close to a
At College Lake, the hide has a great view of the water and some scrubby areas. Although
bird numbers were sparse (a repeated story, these days), there was a good variety of
species (I recorded 26) and we were treated to a good sighting of a photogenic Great White Egret and careful observation found a solitary Redshank. We saw seven species of duck and some songbirds also showed, plus the ubiquitous Coot and Moorhen.
We’d eaten our packed lunches and, once we’d seen enough, we repaired to the cafe where the cakes and coffee (or hot chocolate – we know you are) restored our well-being. We then left for home. Could’ve been worse.
Report by Axel Kirby

Photographs by Derek Griffin.