Mute Swans at East Hyde on the River Lea

If you are lucky, there are now a pair of Mute Swans with cygnets visible on the river at East Hyde. Both birds are fitted with orange darvic leg rings. The male is 4BNY, and the female is 4CON.

  This allows the birds to be easily identified, and the collected data shows a regular and interesting pattern of behaviour.

   2017, summer at East Hyde, winter at Verulamium Lake, St Albans.

   2018,  summer at East Hyde, winter at Verulamium Lake, St Albans.

  2019, summer at East Hyde with 7 cygnets. No report from winter.

 2020, No summer report, winter at Verulamium Lake, St Albans.

 2021, No report all year.

 2022, summer at East Hyde with 4 cygnets.

  If you do see them, summer or winter, please report the record to the BTO Colour Ringed Birds site. 

   This pair of swans are a regular and faithful couple.