Enjoy the nature that is around you

We are really lucky in our local area to be surrounded by much beautiful countryside, from Horton Country Park, down through the Mole Valley and on to the North Downs. This countryside is filled with natural wonders and beauty and should be enjoyed and preserved. Our group exists to help local people to make the most of our local wild places to enjoy what nature offers; whether that is exercise, fresh air, bird watching, or photography.

Why get involved?

A lot has been written about how much enjoying nature can improve well-being and obviously fresh air and some exercise is good for us all. Getting involved can provide opportunities to:

  • enjoy nature
  • explore new places
  • improve understanding and ability to identify birds, butterflies and plants etc
  • meet new people and make new friends
  • support local conservation efforts
  • get your writing or photos published
  • contribute or volunteer to support activities that you are interested in.

So how to get involved?

There are several ways to get involved:

  • The first thing to do is to join the Dorking local group as a member(Note that you do not have to join the national RSPB in order to join a local group).  Our annual subscription is £15.00. See the link below.https://group.rspb.org.uk/dorkinganddistrict/news-blogs/blog/online-membership-form/
  • Attend the Local Group Indoor meetings and talks.
  • Join one of our regular walks, held both mid-week and at weekends.
  • Join us on our Facebook Group.
  • Organise a talk for your group, school or club. We have done presentations for Veterans groups, men’s groups and year 6 pupils.
  • Volunteer to help the Local Group committee. Please follow this link: Contact us.
  • Send the Local Group your best wildlife photographs.
  • Visit our favourite local wild places.

Visit one of our nearest RSPB reserves: RSPB Pulborough Brooks   or RSPB Farnham Heath.

What ever you do make some time to enjoy nature.

Jackdaw (Sheryl John)
farham 2 mb

Enjoying nature is good for everyone

We aim to help anyone who lives locally to enjoy nature, whether that is nature walks, birdwatching, photography, meeting new people or just getting out into the fresh air.

Please complete the membership form online or use the “print and complete” form : “Print and complete” membership form – Dorking & District Local Group (rspb.org.uk)(annual membership is £15.00 per year).


Enjoy some photography

Whether in your garden, out in one of the wild places or on one of our walks do share your photos with us either on our Facebook Group