About Croydon Local Group

The RSPB Croydon Local Group’s aims are:

  • To introduce people to the RSPB
  • To raise money to help save nature in the South East
  • To raise awareness and understanding of the importance of birds and other wildlife
  • To monitor local birds.

Monthly Meetings

We hold monthly indoor meetings in South Croydon, usually on the second Monday of each month (except June) with talks about a wide variety of topics. These meetings last for about two hours with a break for refreshments in the middle (please bring your own mug). There are stands for the sale of RSPB goods and, usually, hand made cards. You can also meet other members and discuss your bird sightings.

The meetings are held in the main hall at Croham Road Baptist Church, 52 Croham Rd, South Croydon, CR2 7BA and start at 7.30pm. Entry is £5 for all attendees.


Our outings are open to all and we usually hold three day trips each month (two at weekends and one in midweek) to birdwatching sites around the South East. Some of the midweek outings will be to more local venues, potentially accessible by public transport.

Bird Survey

We have been running a survey of birds in Croydon’s gardens and open spaces since 1995 and try to publish a report of our findings each year. Anyone is welcome to participate whether you have many birds using your garden or just a few common species, it is important for us to know where birds are not present as well as where they are.

Talks to Community Groups

We have a series of talks that we can give to other community groups in and around the area. Although these are normally face to face, we would consider giving one online. (Please contact us if you would like a speaker for your group)


We produce a newsletter and news updates about the Group, which are distributed by email.

Wildlife Advice and Enquiries

For any wildlife advice, please call RSPB Wildlife Enquiries on 01767 693690 (9.30am-4.30pm Mon to Fri). For all other enquiries, please call the RSPB headquarters on 01767 680551 (9am-5.15pm Mon to Fri). For injured birds and wildlife, please visit helpwildlife.co.uk.

Committee posts

John Davis: Main Contact, Leader
Katharine Nolan: Treasurer

Other people who help organise group activities

Mr John Birkett
Mrs Gill Jones
Mr John Lawrence
Mrs Deirdre Lea
Mrs Denise Atkinson
Mr Dan Bound
Mrs Judith Catt
Mr Graham Catt
Mr Roy Dennis
Ms Judith Dunworth
Sarita Fonseca
Steve Fowles
Mr Steve Grayson
Mrs Margaret Harper
Ms Sue Henning
Ms Pat Holt
Mrs Nicola Hunt
Veronica Kocovska
Mrs Ellen Martin
Mr David Martin
Mrs Heather Martin
Mrs Sheila Mason
Mr Glenn Morfill
Mrs Jenny Morgan
John Morris
Luise Parsons
Mrs Norma Wapshott
Mrs Pat Webster
Miss Valerie Woodley

Group contact


Contact us

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.