Local Walk to Coundon Wedge

The walk started at the Brooklands Pub car park, it was a short distance to the start of the Wedge opposite the stables and the River Sherbourne which originates at the top by Hawksmill Mill Lane.

Along the path towards the pond were tall trees on our right and overhanging tall bushes to our left, very pretty in the spring and normally alive with many birds.

Along this path with the river between the trees on our right we saw robins, blue tits, red wings, dunnocks, house sparrows, goldfinches, ring-necked parakeet, and the sound of a great spotted woodpecker in the tree opposite.

Arriving at the pond were a pair of mallard ducks and just around the corner in the wood were long-tailed tits, great tits, a collard dove and as we ventured into the upper meadow we heard a song thrush but could not locate it in the tree with the holly and ivy.

We crossed the river over the lower meadow under the bridge and Wedge Road, stopped off at the quaint little bridge for a photo, and turned right along the same river and up Staircase Lane to a pond where we had coffee and spotted a buzzard.

The snow had been coming down slowly, not too hard but the wind was sharp, we were thinking at this point that the birds were hunkered down in the thick bushes as it was very quiet and very unusual for this area apart from many magpies, carrion crows, blackbirds, woodpigeons and jackdaws.

We set off back over the fields where we encountered a few horses with their winter coats, a single Starling on a telegraph pole, then over the river towards the Church.

From the Church, we walked along the bridle path with overhanging trees and bushes from both sides passing the war graves and a place where people from Allesley can be set to rest in a wicker or cardboard coffin and later with a tree over their natural woodland grave called the Winser Garth.

We crossed over the Wedge road passed a quaint Old Church Walk Farm originally built in 1570’s and owned by the Bohun Family where barn owls have nested in the past, then back to almost our starting point as the snow came down thick and fast turned right to see a single little egret in the corner of the field by the stables, then a bit further down the river was a little wren seen on the river bank.

So back to the Pub where we were treated to some lovely and well-cooked food and drink for a fair price.

The local walk was organised by Lesley and Peter Berrill, the local tour guides were Ralph Ingram and Martin Joyce.

To conclude a good time was had by all.