March 2024 – Field Trip to Muff Glen Eglington

Eleven of us turned out on a pleasant sunny morning to Muff Glen.  During a leisurely one hour stroll we took time to listen to the cacophony of bird song including Chiffchaff and Blackcap.  High in the trees Rooks cawed noisily and a Hooded Crow also made itself known.  A Raven landed above us calling in the familiar gurgling croak.  Later we observed the large stick nest high in a tree. Wood anemone, Wood sorrel and Celandine carpeted the woodland and along the banks of a burbling stream.  A few Bluebells had already flowered among bunches of fine green leaves.   The sun gave some warmth and white fluffy clouds sat in an azure sky.  Along the way we met members of the North West Squirrel Group; out to refresh the feeding station.  We were fortunate that a single Red Squirrel appeared and performed for an hour feeding and scampering around.  A pair of Jays also made an appearance looking to stock up on nuts. Tits, Robins and Chaffinches were coming and going feasting on the seeds laid out.  A lone Treecreeper scaled a nearby tree scouring the trunk for insects.  It was all too soon time to make our way home with memories of a successful day.