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Willow, Wildlife and LOTS of Water- Weekly Blog 25 May 2024

Some decidedly ‘mixed’ weather this week, but plenty of sightings and interesting events nonetheless! Want to find out more? Click on the link below!

Rare Birds and Early Mornings- Weekly Blog 17 May 2024

What a glorious week! Not only was the weekend and early part of the week beset by sunshine, we then had the wonderful smell of light rain on dry ground on Tuesday and Wednesday. Did you know the smell of rain is called ‘Petrichor’? Well, there you go. Of course, that’s not the only thing you will learn if you continue reading…it’s been an incredibly busy week here at Saltholme (even by our standards) and we want to tell you all about it! Read on for more…

Please bring the Sun Back- Weekly Blog 26 April 2024

Ah yes, the end of April. Don’t you just love it when the end of April involves sleet splatting against the window like congealed soup? Fortunately for us, the wildlife seen this week has more than made up for the deplorable state of the weather. Read on for more!

A Week of Firsts- Weekly Blog 12 April 2024

We may not have seen the solar eclipse here at Saltholme, but we have certaintly had times where the sun has been covered (by clouds, rain, etc.) and, towards the end of the week, times when it has actually been visible. Of course, no matter what the weather, Saltholme is a fantastic place to visit with plenty of things going on. It’s been a week of ‘firsts’ as well as the last week of the Easter holidays, so read on for more!