RSPB Chichester Local Group AGM 2024

We’re running our annual AGM on 17th June, with postal, email and online voting for our members.

The Committee of the RSPB Chichester Local Group will hold this year’s AGM on 17th June. And, once again, the Committee has agreed to run the AGM on a postal and email basis. The Agenda is provided below and you can obtain papers for the meeting by contacting us using the contact form, emailing or calling Rob Yarham, on 07545 376074.

If you’re a member of the RSPB Chichester Local Group and you haven’t received your Agenda, Minutes, Papers and Voting Form and would like to vote, or you have questions about the AGM or matters relating to the Local Group, then please do contact Rob Yarham.

All postal, email and online votes must be received by 14th June 2024 at the latest. The Committee will meet on 17th June 2024 to complete the business of the AGM and discuss any issues Local Group members have asked them to consider.