Nature Can’t Wait – Let Your MP Know

Credit: Ben Andrew (

The 2023 State of Nature Report makes for pretty grim reading. Compiling information gathered by over 60 research and conservation organisations in conjunction with thousands of skilled volunteers, it provides the most accurate picture of the health of nature in the UK – and it’s not looking good. Of the more than ten thousand species surveyed and studied, one in six (16%) are in danger of becoming extinct. That’s almost 1,500 species that could disappear.

There is, however, hope. We have the ability to put into action those steps that would secure a future for nature in the UK right now, but we need our politicians to listen. Preserving and improving our natural habitats makes both environmental and economic sense. We need to let our MPs know that #NatureCantWait.

If you’d like to contact your MP but don’t know where to start, you can head here and let the RSPB know why you love nature, and which of the issues facing nature you think takes priority. Your answers will then help generate a draft letter addressed to your MP, with an option to send your letter to your MP with the click of a button.

We’re calling on our politicians to act, but we need your voice to make them listen.