26/03/23 Citizen Science Sundays – Purdown Bioblitz

Image © Boys in Bristol

BS7 is the next stop for #CitizenScienceSundays – head out with us for a bioblitz as we explore Purdown!

The idea behind Citizen Science Sundays is simple – Bristol is home to so many hotspots for nature, so we want to join forces with other like-minded locals and help to map the biodiversity found in our city!

Bristol is already home to a network of dedicated postcode wildlife groups, each with its own iNaturalist project. Visiting a different postcode each time, we’ll be heading to a green space within that postcode and spending a few hours combing the area whilst taking note of what’s growing, flying and thriving there.

Recording our finds using the iNaturalist app, we’ll be contributing useful data which is available to scientists and conservationists worldwide, helping them to build pictures of biodiversity at all levels.

Everyone is encouraged to join in regardless of level, from enthusiastic beginners to seasoned bird nerds. If you spot something interesting but aren’t sure what it is, you can ask your fellow observers, or just snap a photo – we can always identify it later!

Our next stop is Purdown in BS7. We’ll be meeting in the car park on Sir John’s Lane at the end of Lindsay Road (drivers please be aware that this is a small car park so spaces may be limited). For those on public transport, the number 24 bus stops on nearby Shaldon Road. You can join us from the start at 10am, else drop in and out anytime throughout the session!

To learn more about Citizen Science Sundays, iNaturalist and the Postcode Wildlife Groups see our guide here.

These events are free to attend, but there’s also an option to donate. All donations go directly to the RSPB Bristol Local Group, helping us to put on further events in the future. To let us know you’re coming, reserve your spot here!