🔨Calling all handypersons: RSPB’s Window on Wildlife can use your help! 🔨

Variety of tools

The hides at our beautiful RSPB Belfast Window on Wildlife need some serious sprucing up and the RSPB Belfast Local Group has taken on the job, but we need your help! Check out the message below from Group Leader Eleanor Brennan:

Do any of you have skills or professional expertise in DIY, – not bricklaying/construction,- but woodworking? We all know how difficult it is to find a reliable person for small jobs at home. We in Belfast LG, are looking for some reliable, skilled people for small jobs at Belfast WoW, to voluntarily work with us and WoW.

We have agreed a project: to refurb the photography corners in the Hides in memory of Ian Jackson, a founder member of Belfast LG, an outstanding amateur photographer and a longtime volunteer for & supporter of RSPB. I know many of you use the Hides, can you please help us to upgrade them? Can you personally do such tasks, have or work with a friend who can?

The work can be done in your own time this summer, over weeks or months. We will fund all materials; we need your time, skills, tools and commitment. We will also need cleaners & painters as the work progresses.

If you are willing to help and would like more information, please email Tim McCann: tim.mccann [at] rspb.org.uk copied to myself via our website email: rspbbelfastlg [at] proton.me

Please send a message to Tim and Eleanor above or contact us via our website. This is a great opportunity to help out! 😀