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Image shows a crowd of Guillemots on a stack, seabirds with black heads and backs and white breasts

Belfast Local Group trip to Rathlin Island, 15 June 2024

Our June group trip will be another of our very popular annual visits to Rathlin Island! (Read about our past…

RSPB Belfast Local Group Trip to Belvoir Forest Park, 22nd May 2024

Please join us for our next group outing to Belvoir Forest Park on 22nd May 2024. This will be a…

A jay perched on a branch and looking towards the camera as viewed through branches and bark in the foreground.

RSPB Belfast Local Group Dawn Chorus Outing: Lagan Towpath to Stranmills University College, 25 May 2024

Our April Dawn Chorus trip was so popular that we’re doing another one! (You can also read about our trip…

Mute swan Cygnus olor, adult swimming on lake with brood of cygnets following behind.

RSPB Belfast Local Group Trip to Billy Neill Country Park, 14 May 2024

Please join us for our next group outing to Billy Neill Country Park on 14 May 2024. This will be…

Variety of tools

🔨Calling all handypersons: RSPB’s Window on Wildlife can use your help! 🔨

The hides at our beautiful RSPB Belfast Window on Wildlife need some serious sprucing up and the RSPB Belfast Local…

About 8 swifts as viewed from below, silhouetted against a blue sky.

Belfast Local Group Meeting: Dancers in the Sky, 8 April 2024

[Note: this meeting will be held on the second Monday of the month due to Easter] Mark Smyth (NI Swift…

Lifelong Learning logo

Belfast Local Group trip: Dawn Chorus Walk, 13 April 2024

Our 13 April group outing will be extra special, as we’re partnering with Stranmillis University College’s Lifelong Learning programme for…

Four dark black cormorants with bright orange faces and dark, pointed bills, stood on rocks in blue water.

Belfast Local Group trip to Quoile, 9 March 2024

Please join us for our next group outing to Quoile on 9 March 2024. Check out our most recent trip…

A Robin looking nearly head on at the camera. Their chest is bright red-orange and their eye is large, black and staring. The belly is white and very scruffy. They are perched on a thin branch with leaves and small seeds or buds of some sort on the end. The out-of-focus background is bright green with foliage.

Belfast Local Group Meeting: A Bird’s Eye View – from the Inside, 4 March 2024

Orla Maguire is Biodiversity Officer in Belfast City Council. She will give us an insider’s view of the Council’s efforts…

A large flock of small brown and white birds with long bills flying together over water beside a carpark.

Belfast Local Group trip to Whitehead, 17 February 2024

Please join us for our next group outing to Whitehead on 17 February 2024. Check out our most recent trips…

Two people riding bikes along a path.

Belfast Local Group Meeting: European BIGBY 2022 Competition – Cycling, Competing and lots of BIRDS!, 5 February 2024 (via Zoom)

2022 was the most exciting European Green Birding Bigby (Big Green Bird Year) competition in the history of Green Birding….

Two Redshank, wading birds with brown, streaked bodies and long orange-red legs and bills. One bird is landing and has wings outstretched, showing white trailing edges and white rump.

Belfast Local Group Trip to Groomsport on 20 January 2024

Please join us for our next outing to Groomsport and Ballymacormick Point on 20 January. Check out our past trip…