Two narrow bodies of water separated by green grass. In the background is a shipyard, with a large, white ship and a blue crane.
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RSPB Belfast Window on Wildlife

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Lichen and sea pink covered rocks on Ballymacormick Point, looking west towards Ballyholme and Bangor

Ballymacormick Point & Groomsport Harbour (Co. Down)

A male reed bunting in breeding plumage perched in the midst of several thin, weedy branches, his mouth open in song.

Belfast Waterworks

A Jay sitting on a branch that bends diagonally across the photo. The jay is pinkish-brown with white, black and blue wings.

Belvoir Park Forest

A blue and orange kingfisher standing at the apex of two branches. The bird appears to be looking downwards.

Carnmoney Hill Local Nature Reserve

European Badger foraging in a green grassy field, looking towards the camera.

Cave Hill Country Park

Fulmar, a single bird in flight against a coastal landscape over blue waters.

Copeland Bird Observatory (Co. Down)

A redshank almost up to their belly in water. The bird is leaning forward and has something small in their beak that they've picked from the water.

Gideon’s Green (Newtownabbey)

Image shows a pond surrounded by green trees and bushes under cloudy sky

Kiltonga Nature Reserve