The oldest local RSPB Local Members Group in Northern Ireland, the RSPB Belfast Local Group is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022/2023! We work to support the Mission of the RSPB in the local community and to involve our members and the wider public in conservation, public affairs, education, fundraising and other activities. We’d love for you to join us!

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Fancy a chance to see some bats? RSPB’s Belfast WOW has got you covered with their ‘Brilliant Bats’ event!

Brilliant Bats at RSPB Belfast WOW

Event date: 18 August 2022

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Two people in full-coverage blue medical scrubs, goggles and gloves and carrying a rubbish bin. They are walking away from the camera onto a grassy lawn. Hills make up the background.

Avian Flu is at an all time high...

All the science indicates that the spread and magnitude of what we are seeing is the result of intensive animal farming, which creates ideal circumstances for diseases to thrive, mutate and spread rapidly. Northern Ireland is a particular UK hotspot for the factory farming of birds, especially chickens.

A wood pigeon sitting on their nest of sticks, as seen through a thick bramble of branches.

Speak out against the illegal removal of nests!

Despite the fact that it is a criminal offence to disturb an active bird nest, many companies are advertising that very service.