West Papua…Birding in Paradise

Talk by Heather Larkin 13th November 2023

In October 2022, Jeff and Heather Larkin set off on the trip of a lifetime to West Papua. RSPB Antrim Group were fascinated by their photographs of the exotic wildlife they encountered there.

Magnificent Bird-of-Paradise by Heather Larkin

Manakins, Bower-birds, Sicklebills and, of course, Birds-of-Paradise are among the species found in West Papua. Most of us will only ever see these birds on television but Jeff and Heather were able to experience their beauty up close during their expedition to the Indonesian province.

As well as thirteen species of Bird-of-Paradise, they saw multiple species of kingfisher, colourful moths, giant butterflies and formidable looking spiders.

The trip was not for the faint-hearted, with a 4am start every day, arduous treks through the jungle (often in the dark) and some very basic accommodation along the way but they assured us it was well worth it for the wildlife spectacle.

It was a pleasure to have them share their memories with our group.