Guided Walk: Prince of Wales Park, Bingley

3 April 2022

We had a very successful walk with 20 species of birds seen and a good number of people attending. The park is looking splendid with the newly emerging leaves on the trees and Spring wild flowers showing, including wood anemone, celandine and violets, as well as planted hellebores and daffodils.

Birdsong was evident as we began our walk, including the loud drumming of a great spotted woodpecker and the fast ringing trill of a nuthatch. I think the highlight for many was seeing not just one, but two nuthatches together, mating on the same branch.

The even-paced repetition of a chiff chaff’s song was heard in the woodland and a red kite was sighted above the woodland canopy. Later a sparrowhawk could be seen soaring with its typical flap-flap-glide action.

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people, learning a little about the history of the park from some of the ‘Friends’ and sharing their enthusiasm for wildlife.

Birds seen: blue tit, nuthatch, jackdaw, magpie, wood pigeon, mistle thrush, red kite, robin, blackbird, song thrush, great spotted woodpecker, jay, long tailed tit, chiff chaff, chaffinch, sparrowhawk, coal tit, wren, treecreeper, starling